I Run For Maya: Interview with Laura Pells

Jan 31, 2017
There are so many reasons to participate in Cupid's Undie Run.…
dress code

Cupid's Dress Code

Jan 27, 2017
Not sure what to wear at Cupid's Undie Run? Well for starters,…
open bar

The Mother of All Incentives: Open Bar

Jan 25, 2017
We love words. And we especially love when you string together…
Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.55.26 PM

I Run to Spread the Love: Interview with Bara Colodne

Jan 24, 2017
One of our top fundraisers is the NYC based group, The B-Team!…

Not into Undies? Wear a Costume!

Oct 25, 2016
Costumes are a HUGE part of Cupid's Undie Run. We get it. Not…
party box

2017 Party Your Pants Off Box Incentive

Oct 23, 2016
"Gimme the deets on the Party Your Pants Off Box!" This year…
Cupid Incentives 2017

The 2017 Cupid Incentives

Oct 21, 2016
When you fundraise for Cupid's Undie Run, you earn cool stuff! We've…
Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas That Don't Suck

Oct 19, 2016
You’re registered for Cupid’s Undie Run. You’ve got your…
company match

Company Matching

Oct 18, 2016
Ask your company if they’ll match your fundraising! Many companies…