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What’s Your Fundraising Personality Type?

What’s your fundraising personality type and how can you use it to get loads of donations?

A-Type (a.k.a. The Leader)

People with dominant traits are decisive, organizers and have high self-confidence. They are driven by results and want to be in control of the situation.

  • Strengths: You’re probably great at casting a big vision and presenting your cause in a compelling way. You focus on the mission, vision, and the cause and often leave out the “unimportant” details.
  • Improve: Slow down, be personable and don’t force people into donating. Take a slightly more casual approach. If someone doesn’t want to donate, don’t worry about it, and move on!

Try this:

  • No one can lead them like you can. You know what needs to be done, which is why you’re the perfect person to organize the sh*t out of an event that you can charge people to attend!
  • Often people are attracted to your unwavering confidence, so use this! Whether you are leading them via social media or in conversation, tell them how and why they can donate and then watch the money roll in.
  • You are amazing at pulling your team together. Find out what their personalities can offer and make sure everyone’s gifts are being used to their zenith.

Influencer (a.k.a. The Social Butterfly)

Influencers are the life of the party and love to be the center of attention. You are enthusiastic and talkative and people have a tendency to take you up on your requests and suggestions.

  • Strengths: You’re loads fun and love to tell a lot of stories. You want people to like you and your cause, and when you talk ab out it, people naturally want to get involved.
  • Improve: Occasionally you have the tendency to exaggerate in order to get people on board with your cause. Sometimes you might even skip key facts and details so you can be more inspiring. Remember to balance out the stories with facts from time to time.

Try this:

  • You are an epic party animal! Bring a bit of purpose to that party. Pick the theme (or bar) and pull everyone together have invited them to attend a paid for event. Play the MC and have games and ways for everyone to get involved. You’ll rock this, floating around the event like a social butterfly making all the monies.
  • Leaning on your connection is going to be your strong suite: highlight your personal connection to the cause will make it more personal to you and others.
  • Unless everyone on your team is the same as you, they’re going to need your storytelling skills. Help them by creating shareable stories in the form of videos or written stuff: just follow your gut and create some cool stuff.

Slow and Steady (a.k.a. The Dependable One)

You are steady, stable, reliable, and dependable. Your kind of the perfect team member because you always do what you say you’re going to do. Unity and teamwork are really important and you want everyone to get along.

  • Strengths: You are incredibly patient, and let people process information at their own pace. You’re great at reading how people feel and know when to push or when to pull back a bit.
  • Areas to improve: You can be overly agreeable. Sometimes, it’s ok to be more direct. You may need to rev yourself up, but don’t be afraid to directly ask people to help you out.

Try this:

  • When it comes to organizing events, you are going to be the person who always pulls their weight and makes sure things get done. You are more dependable than the sun rising in the east. Where others will flake out: you’ll be there making sure the keg arrives at the right party!
  • Your network trusts you deeply because they know you wouldn’t pull a fast one on them. Email your contacts personally. Make sure to send personalized thank-you emails to your donor, and can even ask them if they would help you by sharing your link.
  • You’re the top motivator for your team. The party animals burn out, and the will analysts try and figure out why, but you? You’re the glue! You’re the motivator! Make sure your team stays on track by sending them motivation and encouragement.

Analyst (a.k.a. The Intellect)

You’re probably a little cautious, rather precise and very detail oriented. You think analytically and make decisions with plenty of research and information to back them up. You also love to solve problems and get into the nitty gritty of details.

  • Strengths: You love backing your information up with real facts and statistics. You want people to know exactly what their donations is going to being used for, and when people have questions you almost always have the right answer.
  • Improve: Often analysts have the need to control a conversation and you might come across as stiff or inflexible. Work on inspiring rather than just informing, not everyone cares about the details! Try and tell a few more stories to get people to tie those facts together.

Try this:

  • Research about NF and Cupid’s Undie Run, then pull together a bunch of resources you can share with your connections and team. No one will be able to get into the information as well as you, so use this! Also, if your team is going to organize some sort of event, your detail-orientation will be crucial for making sure it goes off without a hitch.
  • Help people understand what you are doing and why, post articles that you are reading on social media (don’t forget the link to your profile) and curate a list of the top information you can share via email to your team and contacts.
  • You are going to be crucial in making sure your team stays organized and on target. You can facilitate this by doing regular check-ins with them, and making sure that you as a team are getting to your goals.

Whatever your personality type, when it comes to fundraising, everyone has something to offer and these are just some light suggestions.

We’d love to know what’s been working for you and your team, give us your best ideas