The Mother of All Incentives: Open Bar

We love words. And we especially love when you string together a certain set of letters and it brings joy into hearts of others.

Like when that person you’ve been crushing on for ages says, “Want to go out sometime?”

Or your best friend says, “You’re awesome.”

Or when you hear the words whispered into your ear, “Open bar.”

Wait, should we try that last one again? OPEN BAR!Ā šŸ˜

Feels pretty good, right?

Of course it does, those three simple syllables are like music to our ears. Our little hearts jump with joy and excitement.

Now, what on earth does this have to do with Cupid’s Undie Run? Pretty much everything!

When you fundraise $250* for Cupid’s Undie Run, we give you open bar for the entire event.

*$350 for D.C. Those guys are serious party animals.

Open bar

This is pretty much the best thing you’ve heard all day, right?

Here are a few quick facts about achieving the ultimate: Open Bar at Cupid’s Undie Run

1. You must fundraise $250 as an individual, not a team.

This means that if everyone on your team raises $250 each but one person didn’t, they don’t get to ride the wave of their team.

It’s like in college when you had to work on group projects and that one person took the credit BUT DIDN’T DO THE WORK.

Don’t be that person.

2. Those who earn open bar get their own special bar*.

*In select cities

Like, royalty. Or the Kardashians. You get to walk by the lines for the general admission bar with a smirk on your face knowing thatĀ by the time the plebs get their first drink, you’ll already be on frosty beverage numero dos.

3. Yes, socks and underwear are awesomeĀ incentives. But while they are great mementos, the experience of the open bar will leave you wanting more.

But then, that might just be us. What happens with open bar, stays at Cupid’s, right?

Open bar

4. You literally have until the day of the event to raise the full $250.

Get your hustle on! Ask your Gran, ask your best friend, ask your professor and that guy you kind of know from the coffee shop. You don’t have to tell them you are after the free bar,

Lastly, if you show up and you’re not quite at $250, we’ll let you “donate” to yourself so you can reach that level.

We like to reward our participants when they fundraise their pants off, so indulge a little with open bar. Of course, be responsible. We don’t want a situation where you wake up the next day only to have someone tell youĀ that you stole a taco cart and then fell asleep next to a dumpster.

Are you ready for the ultimate Cupid’s Undie Run experience? Then it’s time to start fundraising.Ā