Mark Harlost NF Champion

“The only disability is a negative mindset”

One great thing about this organization is the amazing people we get to meet on event day, like Mark Harlost in NYC! Read his story about his life with NF.

Tell us about your diagnosis.

I got diagnosed with NF at a very young age. The hospital started becoming a second home to me. Countless trips to Syracuse, NY for MRIs, CTs, and blood tests became the norm. Not until I graduated middle school did things become really serious.

I started having headaches and cranial pressure. The next day results from my CT showed I had hydrocephalus and multiple brain tumors. Things started to go downhill. But because of my mother and her connections I received the best help I could get. After numerous surgeries, and radiation treatments, everything is now under control!

I like to tell myself during all of this, “The only disability is a negative mindset!”

Mark likes to spend his time time in the gym, lifting heavy weights and getting big!

Mark Harlost